In January 2021, we have relaunched our online store. 

Our initial focus in this relaunch will be products needed to respond to the COVID pandemic.  Please read details of PPE products insofar as terms and anticipated delivery of purchased products.  As some of these are imported, the terms are not simply paying for the product but require a down payment and the balance required to complete the purchase in escrow for release once the purchased product reaches the designated Port-Of-Entry.  Some products shown can and will be shipped from a US warehouse and will require full payment at the time of purchase.

In the coming weeks, we will gradually add-back the over 275 products that once appeared in our store when we closed it down in 2019.

If you have an equipment requirement on which you would like a bid response or if you do not see what you need here, please CONTACT US

We are here to support you.